Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Flash: Season Zero #2 - A Review

There are times when super-speed can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing and one of those times is when your body attempts to heal a broken bone faster than you can properly set it yourself. It's a good thing The Flash has allies he can count on at STAR Labs to lend a helping hand because he'll have little time to rest and recover. This is both because CSI Barry Allen has been called to the crime-scene that he just left as The Flash and because another mysterious villain is about to wreak havoc on Central City.

The second issue of Flash: Zero Year is far-less fast-paced than the first. Thankfully, this issue is a fun read in spite of that. Most of the script here is devoted toward exploration of the characters - particularly Barry Allen's friends at STAR Labs and his co-workers in the CCPD - and in setting up our new villain. There's little action to be had but the cliff-hanger ending promises a lot of excitement in the next issue.

As in the previous issue, the penciling duties are handled by the always-excellent Phil Hester.  Hester's distinctively angular style is tested here, as he proves to be as capable of drawing exotic animals as he is superheroic action. The inking by Eric Gapstur is decent enough but I do think he overdoes it on some panels and some of Hester's fine details are lost as a result.  Thankfully, these moments are few and far-between and do little to harm the final effect of the issue as a whole.

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