Friday, September 5, 2014

Green Arrow: Future's End #1 - A Review

As I commented in my review of the first two issues of Future's End, I would dearly have loved to have seen a comic detailing the events they described there.  I want to see that tale of a Green Arrow who preached unity over division - a hero who stood up for what was right at a time when others were lining their pockets or arguing over their own personal positions of power.  I want to see comics where the heroes act like heroes and work together instead of fighting one another, for cripes sake!

Green Arrow: Future's End #1 is not that comic.  It is, however, damn close.  This vision of the New 52 Green Arrow five years from now is everything I've always felt Oliver Queen should be as a character and Jeff Lemire captures that outlaw aesthetic perfectly.  The only problem is that as good as this story involving Ollie's efforts to unite The Outsiders in the wake of his impending death is, I really want to see the stories that lead up to this point.

Still, I cannot judge a comic for what I want it to be and not what it is.  Thankfully, the script for this book is good and Lemire does a fine job of explaining things for those readers who haven't been reading Future's End..  And the artwork by Andrea Sorrentino  and Marcelo Maiolo is as good as ever.  I don't know if I'll jump back into Future's End to see how the rest of this tale plays out but this issue was a welcome glance back to my favorite hero as I remember him.

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