Monday, September 1, 2014

Arrow: Season 2.5 #1 - A Review

For all that it did right, the previous Arrow web-comic was frequently limited by its need to tie into each week's story-line. Thankfully, there is no danger of that in Arrow Season 2.5 - a series which has been designed to set the stage for the many changes that have been promised as Season 3 starts. Indeed, the comic opens up with what seems to be an illustrated version of the new opening for the show!

Fans of the show will be pleased to find that this comic adaptation of the popular TV series features the same snappy banter and adrenaline-fueled action sequences.  This shouldn't be a surprise given that the script for this issue was penned by Arrow executive producer and current X-Men writer Marc Guggenheim!  The story focuses on Oliver Queen and Roy Harper as they attempt to take over a plane full of drugs in mid-flight and ends on an epic cliff-hanger.

The artwork by Joe Bennett and Jack Jadson doesn't quite equal Guggenheim's script.  Bennett's artwork is largely excellent but his pencils seem sloppy and rushed in some places, with some panels lacking the detailed line-work of other panels on the same page.  Likewise, Jadson's inks are skillfully applied throughout most of the book but there is little an inker can do to enhance lines that aren't there.

Despite this, fans of the Arrow series would do well to check this book out, even if they aren't usually comic readers.  The artwork is great in 9 out of 10 panels and the thrilling action of the story more than makes up for the occasional shortcoming in the artwork.  Highly recommended.

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