Monday, August 4, 2014

Red Sonja #0 - A Review

Most of the time, when a comic receives a #0 issue, it is to tell an origin story in the wake of a reboot.  Despite having undergone a major revision of sorts when Gail Simone took over the title, Red Sonja #0 is not an origin story.  Instead we are treated to the tale of Red Malak - a robust fellow who claims to be the widower of Red Sonja, whom he describes in terms befitting an angel rather than the hard-drinking, foul-smelling harridan we know and love.

Naturally, regular readers of this series will quickly realize that something is not right and soon the real Red Sonja starts unraveling the mystery of her grieving husband.  Simone's story is full of humor, though it seems somewhat unbelievable that Red Malak should find so many willing to believe his stories.  Methinks Malak missed his calling as a bard if he is that adept at spinning tales.

The artwork by Noah Salonga serves the story well.  There are clever contrasts between different pages, as we see the story as Red Malak tells it contrasted with Sonja's memory of the same event.  There is not much action but what little exists is well displayed.

On the whole, I'd still recommend those who are new to the world of The She-Devil of Hyrkania begin with the Queen of Plagues trade-paperback rather than make this book their first exposure to the world of Red Sonja.  You'll get a better feel for the setting and a lot more action besides!  Still, this issue isn't a bad read and will please all of Sonja's fans.

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