Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thoughs On The Arrow Season 2.5 and The Flash Season 0 Web-Comics Announcement

SOURCE: Arrow Season 2.5 Digital Comic On The Way

SOURCE: DC To Launch New Flash Season Zero Digital Comic 

Bit of interesting news here.

The Arrow Season 2.5 comic - not surprisingly - will cover events that take place between the end of Season 2 and the Season 3 opening.  Questions about the final fate of Quentin Lance will be answered and there is a promise of more Ollie/Felicity banter.

The Flash: Season Zero will be set between the first two episodes of the series and focus upon a new gang of villains who will not appear on the show - a group of circus performers who are empowered by the same accident that gave Barry Allen super-speed.  Their leader - Mr. Bliss- is reportedly based on a villain from the James Robinson Starman series, though all they seem to share is a name.  The original Mr. Bliss was an incubus who fed on the suffering of others and had a particular liking for the suffering caused by circus freaks being stared at.  This Mr. Bliss is said to be able to manipulate people's emotions.

The digital comics will be available on-line starting September 1st.  The print collections will be released on October 8th, just in time for the air-dates of The Flash pilot and Arrow: Season 3.

More Arrow is always welcome, especially with Marc Guggenheim handling the writing duties.  I can't help but be worried about The Flash taking drastic liberties with a Starman villain when they could have just as easily given him a new name or used the similarly powered Doctor Psycho.  I'm also concerned about what a criminal gang of circus performers might mean for the chances of us seeing the James Jesse version of The Trickster (originally a circus acrobat) in the series.  Still, we shall see when we see it...

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