Monday, July 28, 2014

Invaders #8 - A Review

There's no small irony that James Robinson should focus so much of Invaders #8 upon showing the common humanity of his characters, given that the focus of the issue is upon characters who are - to one degree or another - inhuman.  That is literally true in the case of Toro - the Inhuman sidekick of the original Human Torch, who is in fact an android!  This sort of thing is Robinson's bread and butter as are the softer scenes where everyone's favorite fanboy, Agent Coulson, reveals a personal reason for holding Jim Hammond in such high regard.

The plot is a somewhat standard affair, with a sidekick being kidnapped to lure the hero into a trap.  But Robinson's command of the characters and dry humor do much to liven the proceedings up.  Robinson further accomplishes the impossible by doing something I can't recall any writer ever doing - getting into the head of Namor  in a way that makes the Prince of Atlantis sympathetic, painting him as a conflicted man who is nevertheless loyal to his few friends.

Steve Pugh's artwork is, as always, excellent.  Pugh is one of the best choreographers in the business and the book's action sequences are involved without being cluttered.  His panel layouts are also interesting with the differing thickness of the panel outlines subtly accenting key moments.

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