Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Batman #32 - A Review

Zero Year and Savage City continue, as Batman #32 finds Batman, Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox launching a three-wave attack to end The Riddler's control of Gotham City.  But is the Prince of Puzzles one step ahead of them again?  If not, he's certainly doing a good job of playing it cool...

Scott Snyder continues to excel on the writing duties on this title.  The Riddler has never been so dangerous and Snyder has done a fine job of establishing Edward Nygma as a credible threat after years of being stuck in the comic relief corner of Batman's rogues gallery.  Yet for all the high-pctane action in this issue, there are also a number of touching emotional scenes, such as Bruce Wayne leaving a final message for Alfred.

Greg Capullo and Danny Miki do a fantastic job on the issue's artwork.  They are one of the best creative teams to work on Batman in years and they are worthy of any awards it is possible to nominate them for.  Everything is dark and atmospheric, as it should be in a Batman book, but without seemingly overly obscured or the fine detail of the pencils being muddied.

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