Monday, July 14, 2014

Batgirl #33 - A Review

Batgirl #33 came out at the same time it was announced that Gail Simone, Jonathan Glapion and Fernando Pasarin would be moving on to other projects.  Thankfully, it appears they will be allowed to go out with a bang, as this issue starts what promises to be an epic conclusion to their run on the book.  And it all starts with a reunion of sorts for the Birds of Prey...

Though this version of Huntress is a refugee from another Earth, it does my heart good to see these three heroines together again.  Yet even ignoring the nostalgia-bait, Simone's script is a strong one.  Though the plotting is largely concerned with Barbara building an army of her own to counter the group organized by the violent vigilante Knightfall, this issue does not want for action.

Fernando Pasarin does his usual stellar job on the pencils.  Jonathan Glapion is joined by Matt Ryan in providing the inks for this issue.  I'm not familiar with Ryan's work but I could not detect any difference in the inking from one page to the next - my main consideration in any comic featuring multiple inkers.  Poor inking can make or break a comic and Batgirl #33 is apparently fortunate enough to have two good inkers.  I say apparently because if it weren't for the credits page, I wouldn't have thought this book to be the work of two inkers!

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