Sunday, June 22, 2014

Red Sonja #10 - A Review

Red Sonja #10 continues Sonja's quest to procure six artisans for a dying lord's "going-away" party.  This issue finds Sonja pitting herself against the finest swordsman in the world -  Osric The Untouched.  He is named such because no opponent has ever drawn his blood and because of his unique oath...

Gail Simone continues to display her trademark humor even as she disassembles one of fantasy's great heroines.  On the surface, this issue has many moments of comedy built around the idea of Sonja meeting her match in combat and the deconstruction of how silly the classic Red Sonja oath was by applying it to a male character.  Yet there are some truly touching moments, such as when Sonja's current companion - the courtesan Aneva - takes up a sword to try and protect a humiliated Sonja and the scene in which the thought of failing the lives she's sworn to protect hits Sonja with a force even she cannot withstand.  

Walter Geovani's artwork is, as per usual, excellent.  His linework is clear.  His inks perfectly balanced.  And he varies his angles from panel to panel, creating the effect of multiple cameras filming a scene rather than a static view as from a seat watching a stage play.  It is a small detail but it makes the work all the more vivid.

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