Monday, May 12, 2014

Red Sonja #9 - A Review

Red Sonja #9 revealed something to me that seems obvious in retrospect as I look back over the previous issues of this series but which did not hit me until just now.  Walter Geovani is one of the few comic artists I've seen who is capable of drawing attractive, nearly nude characters without indulging in fan service.  Despite drawing Red Sonja and other characters who don't wear very much, there has never been a single exploitative pose that I can recall.

This thought occurred to me during the opening scene, in which Sonja attempts to infiltrate a legendary brothel by posing as a customer.  This is all part of a larger scheme to liberate the most skillful courtesan in the world.  The ladies and gentlemen employed by this place are attractive but there is nothing sleazy or gratuitous in their portrayal.  This is a subtle touch but a good one and something more fantasy series would do well to emulate when the subject of prostitution is handled.

Given the above scene as well as the events of the previous two issues, it seems redundant for me to once again praise Gail Simone for having nearly modernized Red Sonja as a character.  Gone are the oaths of chastity and the pledge to only bed men who can best her in single combat.  Simone's Sonja is loudly and proudly bisexual and randy - not necessarily in that order.

Does this defy everything ever said about the character in earlier stories?  Does it ever!  But Sonja is a slave to no one and no thing - least of all the dread beast called Continuity!  Trying to fit all of Sonja's stories since her return under Dynamite Publishing's banner into a single story-line would be an act of madness.  And there is so much more enjoyable madness to be had in Simone's writing, such as when the aforementioned courtesan attempts gives Sonja an extreme makeover!

I've said it before and I will say it again - this is one of the most well-written, well-drawn and just plain great comics on the stands today.  You should be reading it.  Why aren't you reading it?  No!  Don't answer!  I don't want to hear your excuses!  Just start reading it!

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