Friday, May 23, 2014

Dallas Comic Con 2014 - ALL THE PICTURES! - Part Two

Classic Lara Croft.

New 52 Poison Ivy. 

Ken from Street Fighter, Babydoll from Suckerpunch and Goku from Dragonball Z. 
 Odd trio, that...

GlitzyGeekGirl as Ariel from The Little Mermaid. 

Hat of Cunning +10.

Deathstroke and Winter Soldier. This will not end well...


ALL HAIL BRAK!  And cross-play Space Ghost!  But mostly Brak!

Deathstroke is a Bronie. Who knew?

Dr. Henry McCoy a.k.a. Beast.

Raven from Teen Titans.


Cosplayers everywhere, you can stop.  For none of you can match the beauty of Princess Batman!

Alss, the fair Princess Batman refused my proposal.  He'd had seven other proposals that night.
 I didn't ask how many of them involved marriage..

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