Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dallas Comic Con 2014 - ALL THE PICTURES! - Part Eight

Discord and Twilight Sparkle

Clark Kent changing into Superman.

My friend Terry Parr drew this when I asked for a picture of myself as a super librarian.
Not a bad likeness, though I think I look like Patton Oswalt playing The Doctor.

The Doctor and Marty McFly - another crossover that needs to happen.

Prince Charming, in search of a princess.

My new and improved Jack Knight (Starman) costume.

Boba of the House of El.  Combination Superman/Mandalorian armor.

Zombie Hunter  S. Thompson!
This gentleman does a good zombie comic called Stillborn.

Robin Sparkles and Poison Ivy.

Taffeta Darling as Thanos.

Move over, Hawkeye Imitative!  The hot new meme of 2014 is girls dressed as Rocket Raccoon trying to match impossible superheroine poses! (Thanks for this one, Diane!)

I didn't get a chance to ask of she was a certain character, but she rocked the chainmail.

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