Saturday, May 3, 2014

Batgirl Annual #2 - A Review

Let me state right at the start that I enjoyed Batgirl Annual #2.  But I also think this issue is proof that sometimes even a great writer cannot make a bad concept work.  I'll admit that statement is entirely subjective but it is accurate in regards to my opinions of the New 52 Poison Ivy.  Judging by what I've seen on-line, I'm not alone in that opinion.

The madness that Poison Ivy displays here - and in other recent books - doesn't seem true to form.  Pamela Isley's madness was always born of passion - her love of her plants, the Earth and the few people in her life worth caring about.  This new Poison Ivy is a creature of detachment - one who stands apart from humanity who shows no emotions besides anger and seems confused by emotion in general.

While the idea of showing Pamela Isley being conflicted about her apparent transformation into a plant-based life-form is not a bad one, the execution in other stories has left much to be desired.  And while Simone does come up with a good explanation for Ivy's erratic portrayal while telling a good Batgirl story at the same time, that does little to address the ultimate problem.  Namely, that this version of Ivy is not in keeping with the spirit of the character.

The artwork of this issue is provided by two highly-skilled artists with completely dissimilar styles.  Robert Gill - most recently seen on Batgirl #30 - offers clear, streamlined figures that stand out against the shadowy Gotham backgrounds.  Javier Garron's artwork is darker, with heavier lines and inks as well as more exaggeration in the character designs.  Both artists are good ones, but the sudden change between their styles is a bit jarring and not in a way that is emphasized by the story.

Still, this issue is a good one to pick up if you're a fan of Batgirl or Birds of Prey.  You just might not like it if you're a Poison Ivy fan.  Still, the bad outweighs the good , in my opinion.

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