Sunday, April 6, 2014

Red Sonja And Cub - A Review

For good or ill, we come to expect certain things of certain artists.  When I see Neil Gaiman's name on a book, I expect something magical and unusual.  When I see Gail Simone's name on a book, I expect to see humor as well as some great action sequences.  And when I see Jim Zub's name on a book, I expect hilarity and high adventure.

Red Sonja and Cub has half of that.

Zub may be thought of by many as a comedic writer but this issue shows he is capable of writing high fantasy played completely straight.  His writing is mirrored in intensity by artist Jonathan Lau, whose kinetic style proves a perfect complement to Zub's script.  The blood flows freely and dramatically throughout the story's many action sequences, as Sonja struggles to deliver a child bride unharmed to her groom in order to secure the peace between two warring families.

 I came into this book expecting comedic sword-and-sorcery akin to what you'd see in Skullkickers.  What I got was Red Sonja ala Kurosawa.  And this is not a bad thing.

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