Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Batman Eternal #3 - A Review

At this moment in time, there seems little point in my maintaining any aura of mystery in discussing Batman Eternal.  The story is moving at a quickening pace and many things I thought would be a drawn-out mysteries have been quickly exposed and revealed.  Suffice it to say, this comic is one for the ages and will be held up as one of the greatest Batman stories of all time.

So what can I say?  How about that this comic formally introduces Stephanie Brown into the New 52 universe?  Or that, while she's not yet The Spoiler - much less Batgirl - she quickly proves that she is no passive damsel in distress while still coming off convincingly as a terrified teenage girl, who just learned that her father is a supervillain involved in a plot to bring down the society of Gotham City.  

What can I say about the splendor that is Jason Fabok's artwork?  I can say that I think his design for The Penguin is the greatest I've ever seen - a character who is grotesque yet not so distorted as to seem a more fitting enemy for Dick Tracy than Batman.  I could easily see Alfred Molina playing this Penguin.

What else can I say?  This is a great book and you should be reading it.

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