Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arrow - Season 2, Episode 20 - Seeing Red - Live Tweet Commentary

A live-tweet commentary on Seeing Red before writing the latest entry for the Arrow Episode Guide.

Word of warning - this DOES have SPOILERS! So don't read this until you've seen the episode!

0:01 - "I don't think there's a force on Earth that can make you a bad person!" - FORESHADOWING ALERT!

0:04 - This scene with Ollie and Sara in bed is VERY Mike Grell'a Green Arrow.

0:06 - Oh thank god... for a second I didn't think this was a flashback.

0:08 - ... oh shit.!

0:13 - Calling it now - Slade injects Felicity with Mirakuru and she turns EVIL! He already dropped hints about corrupting her.

0:18 -This will not end well...

0:21 -You know Ollie, maybe unmasking isn't a good idea given how many non-mentor reasons Roy has to hate you.

0:26 - More vintage Mike Grell Green Arrow there... Ollie getting favors for helping people. Urban Robin Hood and such.

0:33 - So Mirakuru turns you into a misogynist dude bro? That explains a lot.

0:35 - ... oh crap.

0:37 - ... oh hell. Just... wow.

0:39 - I realize I'm not saying a lot about the episode. That's because... oh damn, there's so little I can say.

0:42 - All the best episodes in Season 2 had very little of Laurel in them. I do not believe this to be a coincidence.

0:46 - One thought occurs - why hasn't Thea questioned why this Slade Wilson guy cared so much about telling her the truth?

0:49 - ... BULLSHIT!

0:52 - Hate to say this, but I did see that coming the minute they all sat down in one car together. Only question is whodunit.

0:55 - Very heavy Mike Grell influence to the story this week. Not specific story lines but the themes are very Grellian.

0:59 - "One more person must die before this can end."  Please say it's Laurel. Because I can totally get behind that.

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