Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Arrow - Season 2, Episode 19 - The Man Under The Hood - Live Tweet Commentary

A live-tweet commentary on The Man Under the Hood before writing the latest entry for the Arrow Episode Guide.

Word of warning - this DOES have SPOILERS! So don't read this until you've seen the episode!

0:03 - Oh damn... everyone in the field and in action. Nice start!

0:06 - Nothing like starting the episode off with a bang.

0:10 - Ah. So they ARE sticking to Rochev's origin from the comics.

0:11 - DAMN good fight scene!

0:17 - Dunno if Laurel just doesn't believe it or she's getting evidence. Either way, I really don't care.

0:18 - Nice performance here by Willa Holland.

0:21 - Cisco... is that Vibe?

0:23 - what the.... WHY WAS LAUREL SITTING THERE?!?!

0:24 - So... lab tech named Caitlin... Fairchild?

0:31 - ... how can you make a cure for something you never had the chance to study in the first place?

0:33 - Okay... Summer Glau is going full-blown Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction here.

0:36 - Ugh.  If she kisses him, I am going to wretch.

0:42 - ... how the hell is Laurel able to make threats like that? She has no leverage! Seriously! NONE!

0:45 - Oh hell... didn't see that coming!

0:46 - Great performance from Paul Blackthorne, delivering the Commission Gordon speech. Bravo!

0:51 - Explosive Arrow FTW!

0:55 -Okay... so why didn't you mention this cure earlier when Roy was going crazy? Ollie, you freaking JACKASS!

0:59 - Well... that happened.

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