Monday, March 24, 2014

Invaders #3 - A Review

Invaders #3 opens with one of Steve Pugh's amazing splash-pages and the only real action sequence in the entire issue.  Mind you, it is a great action scene, depicting Namor battling a legion of Kree soldiers.  The whole sequence showcases Pugh's skills as both an artist and a fight choreographer.    

Alas, the rest of the issue gives Pugh little chance to cut loose in this fashion.  Most of the book is devoted towards character-building and set-up for a journey to the Kree homeworld.  This sort of thing is writer James Robinson's bread and butter but it can be an acquired taste.  Action fans will be sorely disappointed but those who enjoy quirky scenes that reveal Captain America makes a damn-fine cup of espresso will be entertained. 

Invaders may not be everyone's cup of tea... or espresso.  Indeed, this issue is more sedate than the first two books in the series.  Thankfully, the conclusion suggests a great deal more action next month, for those who anxiously await more scenes of blue-skinned aliens being punched in the face.

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