Monday, March 17, 2014

All-Con 2014 - Day Three, Part One

Saturday was my busiest day at All-Con by far. It started with the early-morning screening of Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog - once again organized this year by Rick Gutierrez and The United States of Geekdom.  While I wasn't helping out in an official capacity this year, I was still on hand to riff the movie along with the rest of the usual suspects. 

I was, however, officially involved with USG's Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Story So Far panel.  Rick Gutierrez, Andrew Farmer and I spoke for an hour about the hidden connections between the various Marvel Studios movies.  I don't think I added much to the panel, save that I was the only one of our trio who had seen every episode of Agents of SHIELD and thus the only person who knew the significance of Odin (i.e. a disguised Loki, as of Thor: The Dark World) sending Sif to Earth to recover Lorelei - a frequent Loki ally/conspirator in the comics.

Speaking of Loki, the trickster himself showed up for the panel along with one of Captain America's back-up dancers.  Because even a god gets lonely.

After that, I had to dash to lead my own Introduction To Doctor Who panel.  Once that was over, I had a few hours to walk around and capture some cosplay pictures before grabbing a late lunch/early dinner - a necessity given my schedule had my entire evening booked solid.

Black Mariah (of Naked Girls Reading) on her way to the Ms. Star Wars contest.  

Sif and The Enchantress

 Enasni Volz as Slumber Party Harley Quinn.


"Gallifrey Stands!"- The War Doctor

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

A little dancing robot with blinking lights.  

Neil Gaiman's Death

Anna from Frozen

White Lantern Kyle Rayner

Poison Ivy attempting to restrain a hyperactive Riddler.

Another new attraction at All-Con this year - a Slot Car Racing Arena!

Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Zatanna after their race was done.

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