Monday, March 17, 2014

All-Con 2014 - Day One

This was the 10th year of All-Con's existence and the first year that the convention lasted for four days.  Once again, I was hosting a number of panels on comic book history - both American and Japanese.  I also hosted a new panel aimed at explaining Doctor Who to curious parties who weren't sure where to start with the longest-running science-fiction show of all time!

I had three panels on Thursday, which were spread fairly evenly across the day.  This left me with a little bit of time to attend panels being held by my friends.  Zander of Nerdy Notions hosted several panels on the History of Sentai Soldiers over the long weekend and I caught the first one.  I've never been much for Power Rangers or similar shows but it was an informative event.  And I finally got to catch Paul Riddell's panel on the care and feeding of meat-eating plants. 

One of the best things about All-Con is the sheer variety of events and programs.  I make it a point to try and attend something that I've never done before every year.  I also make it a point, in general, to do things that would have blown my teenage self's mind.  It is for these reasons that I attended the Naked Geek Girls Reading show. Well, that and it's naked geek girls reading! 

In all seriousness, the show was quite enjoyable sans any erotic aspect.  The Dirty Blonde, Angi B. Lovely, Courtney Crave and Black Mariah (dressed and undressed as Daenerys Targaryen, Neil Gaiman's Death, Pris from Blade Runner and Wonder Woman respectively) are as skilled at performing selections from classic fantasy, science-fiction and horror novels as they are at costuming and modeling.  I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite scene, but I'd probably go with Angi B. Lovely's reading of the duel between Inigo Montoya and Count Rugen from The Princess Bride as it is one of my favorite books.  In any case, I'll certainly be catching their show next year and will try and catch any future Naked Girls Reading events in Dallas when I have the time

Speaking of time, I luckily had time enough to snag a few cosplay pictures...

This young Asgardian showed great patience in dealing with the people asking for pictures. 

Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony


The Riddler

Jedi Joker.  Be VERY Afraid.

Kayle from League of Legends.  My brain hurts thinking about how those wings work and long it must have taken to construct them.  She appears to be feeling the strain in this picture.

Every con should have a Doctor on their staff, in case of emergencies.

Ash and Misty from Pokemon

My pal Taffeta Darling was one of the All Con's special cosplay guests this weekend.  She was also hosting a lot of events, including the cosplay contest, the Miss Star Wars competition, Naked Girls Reading and a lot of panels.  Whew!  And I thought my schedule this week was busy!  Here's Taff as Slumber Party Harley Quinn from the new Infinite Crisis game.

The Stump Fairy.  Apparently one of many fairies found at The Sherwood Forest Faire.

Wonder Woman!

Steampunk Poison Ivy is talking to the carnivorous plants at The Texas Triffid Ranch.
No good can come of this.

Wait!  That's not the real Poison Ivy in Steampunk clothing!  That's Sarah Esperkin!

Domino from X-Force.

All-Con hosted a number of Disney-themed panels this year and there was a larger than usual number of princesses, princes and comedic sidekicks in attendance as a result.  This was the first time I've seen anyone cosplay Prince Phillip and Princess Adora from Sleeping Beauty in person and the first Olaf I've seen.  I've seen quite a few Elsa's from Frozen this year, but this was the first one I saw who had a magical ice-effect to pose with. 

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