Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Year Two #4 - A Review

Unlike previous issues of Injustice, this fourth issue doesn't have any world-shaking moments.  There's no big splash panels of horrific deaths or shocking fight scenes.  Instead this issue collects a number of vignettes that subtly expand the world and the characters.  We learn that the Tower of Fate does get cell phone reception, that Amazons are not above talking to the gods to ask for a life to be saved when medicine fails to get the job done and that Barbara Gordon is indeed Oracle in this reality.  Small things, to be sure, but they do answer questions the readers might not realize they had about the nuts and bolts of the reality of Injustice.

This sort of thing is author Tom Taylor's bread and butter.  Yet he also manages to get in a fair bit of social commentary, as Barry Allen and Hal Jordan take it upon themselves to do the impossible - get the United States Congress to do their jobs and knock it off with the gridlock and grandstanding!  Leave it to an Australian to perfectly capture the absurdity of the American political system and to do it in a way that would make Dennis O'Neil proud. 

The art team continue to do a stellar job on the artwork.  Bruno Redondo's designs for the characters are clear and distinct.  I particularly like how his Hal Jordan resembles Nathan Fillion.  Julien Hugonnard-Bert goes surprisingly light on the inks, with much of the actual shading of the book being accomplished through highlights added into the colors by colorist Rex Lokus.

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