Friday, January 31, 2014

Earth 2 Annual #2 - A Review

Earth 2 Annual #2 reveals the background of the second man in this world to call himself Batman.  There is little more I can say than that without giving away the whole game and I refuse to do that.  Suffice it to say, this issue is a must-read for all fans of the Batman mythos.  

It spoils little to say that most of the story is told in flashback and centers upon Bruce Wayne investigating the murder of the man who killed his parents and the deaths of several other figures in the Gotham Mafia, who died under similar circumstances.  It also ties into the past of Bruce Wayne's father and how his own heroism came to influence his life and the life of his son.  I don't know if Tom Taylor was intentionally paying homage to the classicUntold Legend of Batman but this story explores similar themes.

I despaired when I saw that the artist on this issue was Robson Rocha, whsoe artwork drove me off of World's Finest.  For whatever reason, Robson's inability to keep facial shapes consistent from panel to panel seems less pronounced in this issue.  Perhaps this is due to inker Scott Hanna, who does far more to define Rocha's pencils than Wayne Facher ever did?  Either way, the final work is competent but not particularly exciting.  But neither  is it poor enough to make me not recommend this book. 

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