Saturday, December 7, 2013

Doctor Who #16 (IDW Vol. 3) - A Review

Doctor Who #16 proves a worthy conclusion to the Dead Man's Hand storyline.  More, it proves to be a fitting capstone for the IDW Doctor Who series.  We don't know who might pick up the license to publish more Doctor Who comics in the future but we can only hope they will prove to be as good as the IDW series was 90% of the time.

Tony Lee's script brings everything to a satisfying and logical conclusion - no easy task in a story involving Oscar Wilde in the American Old West, an alien invasion, Calamity Jane, Thomas Edison and the stone-skinned zombie of Wild Bill Hickok!  The only real flaw with the story is that Clara is given surprisingly little to do in the final battle save offer moral support.  Indeed, Clara spent most of this storyline on the sidelines and its' a bit jarring given what we've seen The Impossible Girl do in the past.  

Mike Collins' artwork continues to be serviceable but hardly outstanding.  Collins is a fair caricaturist in his close-ups but he becomes sloppy in the middle and far distances.  Heavy inking also contributes to the overall loss of fine detail throughout the book.  Despite this, the book is still an enjoyable read.

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