Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Arrow - Season 2, Episode 9 - Three Ghosts - Live Tweet Commentary

A live-tweet commentary on Three Ghosts before writing the latest entry for the Arrow Episode Guide.

Word of warning - this DOES have SPOILERS!  So don't read this until you've seen the episode! aaa

0:02 -  Did they REALLY need that dart to knock Barry out?

0:03 - Spinny cam is giving me vertigo. Oh the irony that Count Vertigo is dead now!  

0:06 - You know, if this were regular DCU, I would dearly love to see Ollie give Barry a good ass-kicking. 

0:08 - "My anger is dulling the pain." Yeah. That's Roy alright.

0:09 - Oh, I would love to hear Diggle's end of that conversation.

0:13 - Dammit... my DVR blacked out twice between Cyrus and Blood talking.  

0:17 - Compressible micro-fabric. NICE!  

0:18 - Huh? Who is that woman? Oh wait... Laurel? That's right. Is she still in this show?

0:19- Heh. They actually quote the Solomon Grundy poem!

0:21 - ... damn! If this is how it actually.... damn.

0:24 -
Sure. Remind me of my dead best friend. Twist that knife a bit more, Laurel.   

0:26 - Shouldn't Barry be rushing to get to work? No pun intended? Did we totally forget that? 

0:27 - And there's this week's reference to the particle accelerator.

0:28 - Well, there goes the fan theory that Barry is Jewish. 

0:29 -  Oh! They totally stole that line from !

0:32 - So Oliver thinks Slade is dead... which makes it hard for him to become Deathstroke... or DOES IT?!    

0:36 -
Oliver has psychological problems.  Yeah - that took a genius to figure out.  Barry's not quick on the uptake. 

0:37 - As per usual. 

"So fight, Oliver.  Get up and fight back!"  As sure a mission statement for  as ever there was. 

0:49 -
Part of me wanted Roy to mutter "You shot me, you a-hole!"

0:53 - Oh damn..   

0:55 - Oh damn... so she really DOES die here?  

0:57 - Nice little Archer's quest reference.   

0:59 - That was awesome. Just plain perfect. Well done and everyone else among the  

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