Monday, November 18, 2013

The Sandman: Overture #1 - A Review

Reviewing The Sandman: Overture may well be superfluous on my part.  Doubtlessly there are many lost souls who have yet to be exposed to the wonders of Neil Gaiman's writing in general and The Sandman in particular.  Just as there are certainly - even allowing for certain primitive tribes yet undiscovered by "civilized" man - some unfortunates who have yet to learn the glory of J.H. Williams III's artwork  What are the chances that my words of approval will be the catalyst to change them from heretics to disciples?

Probably next to nothing, but hell - we're already here.

Those who are already familiar with Dream, Lucien, Merv Pumpkinhead, The Corinthian and company will view this book as a homecoming.  Those who are not familiar with the world of The Sandman will find  a warm welcome waiting for them.  The book is easily accessible to new readers, being set - as it is - before the start of the original series.  So if you have yet to read the original Sandman, worry not - this is a good place to jump-in.      

Unsurprisingly, the artwork is stunningly beautiful.  One can barely believe that this is Gaiman and Williams' first collaboration together as they get along like a house on fire.  Colorist Dave Stewart and Letterer Todd Klein - equally responsible for much of the artistic look of the original Sandman - lend their expertise as toward the proceedings as well.  The final result is breath-taking.

Bottom Line: If you are a reader of comics, a lover of art and above all else a dreamer, you should be reading this book.

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