Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Arrow - Season 2, Episode 4 - Crucible - Live Tweet Commentary

Since I'm on vacation - and thus, home when Arrow is starting, for once - I thought we'd mark the occasion with a live commentary before I start work on the latest Arrow Episode Guide entry.

Word of warning - this DOES have SPOILERS!  So don't read this until you've seen the episode!

0:00 -  Ok. Piano music. Wasn't expecting that.

0:01 -  Ah. Classic Hero/Secret Identity inter-cut scene.

0:03 -  Hmm. Weak man until he got a gun. Are you getting this subtle social commentary?

0:04 -  Dammit, Felicity! I'm getting my mack on.

0:05 -  Ok. Canary has an interest in Laurel. Why?

0:07 -  Oh lord. Turns out Canary is... Damn it!.

0:08 -  Well... that complicates things.

0:11 -  Okay... Ollie saw Sara a year later. I smell a flashback coming.

0:12 -  "Five years where nothing good happened." Well, except for the sex with Shado..

0:13 -  Hey, it's The Haitian, from HEROES!

0:14 -  And now... more exposition!

0:16 -  Hey, it's... that lady... from ARGUS!

0:17 -  Camp Kirby. Nice reference.

0:19 -  And... the DA makes his move on Laurel.

0:21 -  I do love the smug way Felicity says "I believe you ordered... Mr. Queen"

0:25 -  Halfway through the episode and the bad guy hasn't really done anything. Anyone else notice that?

0:27 - When did this become an after-school special?

0:29 -  And now... well, probably an explanation. Maybe.

0:31 -  Amazing how far Quentin and Ollie have come as characters. This conversation never would have happened before.

0:33 -  That can't be sanitary.

0:38 -  I was wondering if we'd see Roy in this one.

0:42 - That was a damned effective action sequence.

0:48 - And here we go... team-up time!

0:50 -  Niiiiiiiice trade off!

0:53 -  Another reference to that particle accelerator. Wonder if that's a of things to come?

0:54 -  Never trust a smiling politician.

0:56 -  Okay. That's out of left field....

0:59 -  Oh hell... is that....?

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