Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Agents of SHIELD, Episode 2 - Live (But Not Really) Commentary

Due to my responsibilities at work keeping me late, I was not - as I'd planned - able to live tweet the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD as I'd planned. But since most of you would have read the summary of it once I was done anyway, I figured there's nothing to stop me from watching it a few hours later and THEN doing a "live blog".

DVR for the win!

1:48  -  Did Skye steal those boots from River Tam?

5:06 -  Yeah.  Coulson has become Captain Jack Harkness.  Which is not a bad thing to be. 

5:44 -  I know this is hardly an original comment but damn - for a secret organization, SHIELD slaps their logo on every thing. 

9:00 -  More hints about May's past and proof she is indeed a bad ass. 

14:20 -  What about the cellist, Phil?! 

18:23 -  You know what this scene needs?  John Williams music. 

19:53  -
Professor!  Lava!  Hot!  Why does nobody ever listen to the scientist who says that touching the McGuffin is a bad idea? 

24:53 -  That may be the line of the episode - "Do you need anything else before I go check on the device fueled by evil that's sitting in our cargo hold?" 

27:01 -  I'm just going to call Fitz and Simmons Quirk 1 and Quirk 2.

33:29 - 
Okay.  I take it back.  Coulson is NOT Captain Jack.  Jack would have slept with the enemy agent THEN revealed this his underlings had stopped her underlings.

38:23 - 
The Calvary, eh?  Hope that explain that to the rest of us eventually...

43:00 -  Hmmm... 616 code.  Nice shout out to the comics there. 

50:35 -  This would be a much better action sequence if it weren't shot so close to everyone's faces.

54:59 - Drinking in the cargo bay.  Anyone else think they're pushing the Serenity angle a bit much?

55:51 -
Annnnd... there's our twist for the next episode.

59:00 -
Spoil the cameo after the credits.  I dare you!  I double dare you!

Still developing the core cast past a bunch of Whedonesque stereotypes but still an entertaining hour of TV.

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