Monday, July 1, 2013

Red Sonja Unchained #3 - A Review

In truth, I can think of only one glaring flaw with Red Sonja Unchained #3.  Namely that when you have a book with a title like Red Sonja Unchained, you shouldn't have Red Sonja in bondage on the cover.  It smacks of false advertising, no matter how ready she seems to break the chains and start delivering grievous bodily harm upon whoever chained her up in the first place! 

The plot thickens from last issue, with Sonja and her current employer - the scholar Merisan - selling off the journal Sonja retrieved from a deadly tomb.  The two have a good working relationship but an easy life playing bodyguard for a librarian doesn't sit well with the adventurous Sonja.  Luckily - or unluckily from another point of view - Sonja's life quickly ceases being easy and Sonja must cope with the latest gang of bounty hunters seeking the latest price on her head as well as the magical curse she unwittingly acquired.  

The script by fantasy author Peter V. Brett is exciting and well-paced.  I think this may be one of the few sword-and-sorcery stories (let alone Red Sonja stories)  I've ever read that passes the Bechdel TestJack Jadson matches the material with his artwork, proving a great illustrator of expressions as well as action.  If you've never read a Red Sonja comic before, this mini-series would be a fine one to start with.   

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