Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Justice League Dark #21 - A Review

Despite having greatly enjoyed Jeff Lemire's recent work on Green Arrow and Constantine, I haven't read any Justice League Dark since he and Ray Fawkes took over the title.  I only picked up this month's issue after being informed by my Friendly Local Comic Book Guy that it tied into the upcoming Trinity War.  It doesn't.  At least not in any way that is immediately obvious.

Thankfully Fawkes and Lemire make this issue surprisingly accessible despite it apparently being the final issue of a longer storyline.  I still wouldn't recommend it to new readers as I probably would have had a harder time following the action of this issue if I weren't already familiar with the characters involved.  Still, the script here is well-written and engaging.  Heck, I even overcame my general antipathy for Barry Allen in this issue, finding it fun to watch the science-minded speedster having to run around a mystical threat.   

One thing about this book that hasn't changed since the last time I glanced through it is the artwork, which continues to be some of the best in the business.  Mikel Janin is a phenomenal artist who fits an amazing amount of detail into each panel without making things cluttered or dirty.  Reportedly inker Vicente Cifuentes handled the finishes on the final half of the book but I didn't see any difference between the two halves.  Either Cifuentes is an incredibly skilled inker who was able to match Janin's stule perfectly or someone in the credits department of DC Comics is a liar.  I lean toward the former explanation, given Cifuentes' similar stellar work on matching Ed Benes' inking style on Batgirl.

On the whole, I was impressed with this issue and am starting to wonder if I made a mistake in not covering it sooner.  I'll definitely be following it through The Trinity War.  Perhaps even after that. 

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