Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Demon Knights #22 - A Review

Little happens in this, the penultimate issue of Demon Knights.  What little does happen only occurs to set up the big battle to come in the next issue.  There's very little action, apart from one sequence during the end and an attempted mugging of our heroes that barely lasts one page and stretches the definition of the term "action sequence".  At least the scenes of Vandal Savage dealing with his giant captors are amusing but a far cry from the wit of Paul Cornell. 

The art this month is vastly improved by the absence of inker Wayne Facher.  Chard Hardin inks his own pencils for the entirety of this issue and the difference is obvious and welcome.  Hopefully Hardin will have a new monthly gig waiting for him when this title comes to an close. 

I must tip my hat to writer Robert Venditti in one respect.  Though this series is coming to a close, he still writes each issue in a way that would be accessible to any new readers picking this book up for the first time.  Would that I could still recommend this series to new readers!  Truly, this title was one of the best books of The New 52.  It will be missed. 

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