Saturday, July 20, 2013

Conan The Barbarian #18 - A Review

Fans of action and high-adventure, rejoice!  Brain Wood's yellow lotus psychodrama has reached it's conclusion after three months.  And I for one couldn't be happier to wake-up from "The Nightmare Of The Shallows". 

Did you ever want to read a story about Conan having kids, growing old and dying after living a peaceful existence with Belit on a deserted island?  If so, then congratulations!  This issue has been written to your incredibly specific tastes.  For the rest of us, this issue has little to offer.  Wood is generally a good writer but this issue lacks the punch of the first two chapters as we only see things from Conan's perspective this time and there is precious little thrill in a story we know to be the result of a dream. 

At least the artwork of David Gianfelice and Dave Stewart continues to impress.  Gianfelice is an excellent visual storyteller and what little action there is in the issue is choreographed well.  Stewart's palette gives everything a vibrancy that defies the dream-like nature of the sedate story.  With any luck they'll have a chance to illustrate something more exciting in future issues. 

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