Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Astro City #2 (2013 volume)

Fans of Damage Control would do well to check out this month's issue of Astro City.  As Dwayne McDuffie answered the oft asked question "How DO they repair all the damage to the buildings after super-villain attacks so quickly?", Kurt Busiek answers the question of how one would go about contacting a superhero in your time of need.  After all, the Superfriends' Trouble Alert can only handle so much and it's not like Batman has a Bat-Site where he'll take on work as a consulting detective for any case that interests him. 

Enter Marella Comper - the latest hire for the call-center of the superhero team The Honor Guard.  When super-villains are trashing your neighborhood or you think you've contracted Venusian Bird Plague, who are you going to call?  Well, yes - The Honor Guard.  But who is it that handles the call and decides if they need to call in the cavalry, the cops or the CDC?  Marella or one of her co-workers - that's who!  This issue follows Marella as she learns the ropes and comes to value the small but important role she has in helping the world's greatest heroes do their jobs.

I'm kicking myself for not having found this series sooner.  The scripts are well-written.  The interior art and covers are amazing.  I have no excuse for having waited as long as I did to give this series a shot.  If you haven't visited Astro City yet, do so immediately.  You'll be glad you did. 

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