Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Arrow #36 (Web Comic) - A Review

Arrow #36 brings last week's story to a suitable conclusion.  At the same time, it sets the stage for Season 2 of the Arrow TV show.  The cliffhanger from the last issue is resolved yet we find that while Oliver's focus as The Hood may have changed somewhat there is still a great deal of anger in him and there is still something of a vigilante inside of him rather than a full-fledged hero.

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim offers a number of great character moments throughout the script.  My favorite scene involves Oliver coming to an odd sort of peace with Detective Lance, who admits that Laurel was right about Oliver and Tommy both changing for the better.  There's also some good moments between Oliver and John Diggle and Laurel and Oliver.

Sadly, the artwork fails to live up to the story.  As before, Allan Jefferson's pencils are decent enough in the close-up panels - indeed, he draws some very effective caricatures of the show's cast - but falter in the mid-range and background.  Fine details - such as Ollie's scruffy beard-growth - are completely lost in some panels.  The weak inks of Jonas Trindade barely separate the characters from the background and offer no further definition than that.  Still, this issue is well-worth the 99 cent download in spite of the artwork.

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