Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us #18 - A Review

Injustice #18 centers upon the formation of Batman's resistance movement in the face of Superman's regime.  This resistance comes, oddly enough, after a meeting between Batman, Catwoman and the President of the United States.  Those who dislike the political turn of Catwoman's character in last week's issue will find more to dislike here.  Personally, I find the real-world parallels with the current debate on freedom versus security in the United States to be fitting and ironic coming from the pen of Australian writer Tom Taylor. 

As before, Taylor's expert handling of the characters is this book's greatest strength.  There are several good character moments throughout, such as Batman's dry comeback towards The President's empty attempts to put him at ease.  There's also some nice shout-outs to previous issues, such as Catwoman needling Black Canary about Green Arrow hiding a handcuffed Harley Quinn in the Arrowcave.  

Sadly, Jheremey Raapack's artwork doesn't quite live up to Taylor's script.  I've noted before that Raapack is quite good at depicting scenes that take place in the shadows (i.e. Batman and Catwoman's lurking among the rooftops or Catwoman visiting with Black Canary in a dark alley) but he tends to over-ink and over-emphasize his line work in the brighter scenes.  It's not exactly off-putting but it does prove to be a distraction from the story as a whole.

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