Monday, May 27, 2013

Dallas Comic Con ~ The Other Pictures

I didn't mean to sit on these for so long, but I did want to wait for official permission from the photographers before I shared these pictures with you all.  Note that I'm not sharing every single picture I was later tagged in on Facebook - just the few that I thought were unique enough to be of interest.

Prince Eric with Black Canary and Green Arrow. Photo by Sarah Muller. 

Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow.  Hawkeye portrayed by Brendan Spano.  Photo by Vicki


Green Arrow vs. The Joker.  Photo by Jonathan Nguyen

Green Arrow with Boxing Glove Arrow.  Photo by Jonathan Nguyen.

Green Arrow and Black Canary also made the gallery of photos for the local ABC affiliate.  My thanks again to Lill Miss Whovian for being my Pretty Bird for the day.  If you're on Facebook, go check out her page. 

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