Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dallas Comic Con 2013 - Saturday, Part Two

And now... more pictures taken during the cosplay contest.

A Red Lantern, A Green Lantern, A Blue Lantern and A Star Sapphire. 

Deathstroke vs. Green Arrow.  Even I don't think Ollie has much chance without a bow. 

The Boy Who Waited and The Girl Who Waited.
Ironically, I found him waiting for her - not outside The Pandorica - but outside the ladies' room.

Leia of IHO Geek as The Mad Hatter. 

Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy from The Dresden Files.
Apparently they're making a fan film.  Check out the official page here

Heart Strings Cosplay as Starfire.

Maka Albarn from Soul Eater.

This cross-play Captain America was part of a group of cross-play Avengers.
Sadly, they scattered before I could get a group photo.  A shame.
I would like to have shown everyone The Black Widower.

Later, I did track down the cross-play Loki and Hawkeye. 

Yet another Black Canary.  You might recognize her as the Wonder Girl from Friday's photos.

Catwoman from Batman: The Animated Series.

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