Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Red Sonja #74 - A Review

To quote Robert E. Howard, this issue of Red Sonja left me "with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth"As eagerly as I am anticipating Gail Simone's upcoming run on this series, I will miss the writing of Eric Trautmann, who wove many a complex tale and gave Sonja companions as interesting as herself.  This penultimate issue gives Trautmann a chance to begin guiding everything towards an epic conclusion, as Sonja orchestrates what promises to be an epic clash of multiple armies.

So where are the gigantic melancholies I spoke of?  In the artwork of Marcio Abreu.  While this comic is not quite as offensive as previous issues in terms of odd twistings of the spine and neck, we are "treated" to another miracle school-girl panty shot on the very first page!  I will admit that my complaining about cheesecake artwork in a Red Sonja comic is a fool's errand but other artists who indulge in this sort of thing do keep things within the realm of realism.  Sonja's traditional costume does allow ample opportunities for fan-service but panty shots are not one of them!

If you're looking to get into Red Sonja, consider some of the TP collections or just wait two months when we're sure to get a rollicking good introduction under Gail Simone's pen.  This issue is good for what it is - cheesy artwork aside - but it's hardly a good gateway issue into the wild and weird adventures of Hyboria's favorite daughter.

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