Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arrow #29 (Web Comic) - A Review

Arrow #29 is an enjoyable issue that fills in the blanks of what happened off-camera in a previous episode of the Arrow TV series.  If Shado Of The Past has a flaw past  its' pun-ishing title, it is that a little under half of its' pages are devoted toward specifically depicting events that fans of the show have already seen.  While some recapping is necessary to establish setting for those who might wander into this issue having not watched the show (Remember the Stan Lee rule - write every comic like it's someone's first comic), this does seem a bit excessive.  Particularly since this only delays the main attraction of this issue - learning how Shado came to the island of Lian Yu.

Once the action of the issue starts, it is incredible.  Marc Guggenheim's script is action-packed and well-paced.  And do I really need to explain the beauty of Mike Grell's artwork when I can just show you a scan and let you see for yourselves?  I think not, but I will anyway.  It's always a joy to see Grell at work but there's a special resonance to this issue, seeing him draw this new version of Shado - a character that he created for the Green Arrow comics.  I'm still curious as to why she has a Japanese name when she's Chinese in this universe but I'm hoping this point will be explained at some point in the future.

EDIT NOTE: Marc Guggenheim himself contacted me on Twitter and said that Shado's mother is Japanese.  So there you go.

You're not likely to find a better bargain this week for $1.00.  With artwork by one of the greatest artists in comics history and a script by one of the most prolific writers of superhero stories in Hollywood, you know this is going to be a quality product.  I declare this book a must read for all Arrow fans!

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