Monday, August 6, 2012

World's Finest #4 - A Review

As before, this issue of World's Finest splits itself between flashbacks of our heroine's arrival on Earth and their battles in the modern day. This issue, however, marks the first time we really get inside the head of Helena Wayne a.k.a. the Huntress and the first time we get a mention of her infamous mother.

Helena has been far from a cypher in her portrayal thus far but most of the scenes we've seen her in have depicted her in the heart of the action - a place she clearly prefers to be. Being her father's daughter, she's not given to introspection so it's nice that we finally get a look at the vulnerable side she keeps in the shadows and learn that Catwoman was just as much an influence on her as Batman.

The only real flaw World's Finest has is that it's action sequences are the least interesting part of the book. As a menace, the villain just isn't as interesting as the mystery behind who he is and what his connection to Earth 2 is. That would be a death sentence for most superhero comics but thankfully the rest of the book makes up for that fact. The bits with Power Girl fighting a giant radioactive monster aren't bad - just atypical. Still, with two legendary artists and some of the finest scripts Paul Levitz has ever written, this book is a must read for all fans of the genre.

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