Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RETRO: Fallout 3 War Journal #16

Not much to tell. Wandered around. Killed more mutants. Got more loot. And found The Lost Boys.

The most interesting thing was that I found Little Lamplight - a city the people in Big Town told me about, but I didn't pay much attention to. The short version is it's an entire city of children, that kicks its' members out once they hit 16. Kinda like Logan's Run mixed with NeverNeverLand. Big Town was a story the kids told the kids who "grew up" in order to convince them to go.

No, I'm not sure how the population of orphans sustains itself... Just go with it, okay?

I managed to fast talk my way into it, finding an entire cave lit by Christmas lights, populated by children playing at being adults. There wasn't much of interest - nobody really wanted to talk to me except for the town cop/morale officer, Knock Knock, who kept telling me really bad jokes. I got bored and agreed to escort Stinky - the teen who just got kicked out as I got into town - to Big Town.

Well, the trip was one easy fast travel and Stinky is officially the most excited person in Big Town. Wait until he gets the information packet on the nightly Super Mutant attacks and the psycho goth girl town whore.

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