Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Resurrection Man #12 - A Review

With this series one issue away from cancellation, there seems little point in worrying about new readers attempting to jump on with this issue. Yet Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning still saw fit to explain the entire concept of this book in a single page, satisfying the Stan Lee dictum that every comic may be someone's first comic and should be written as such. Abnett and Lanning were great at that sort of thing and I shall miss that attention to detail when this book is gone.

Amazingly, our titular Resurrection Man has little to do with the action of this issue. Captured by the federal government program he once apparently worked for, Mitch Shelly is run through a virtual reality ringer so realistic that his death in the fake world can trigger his abilities to spontaneously generate a new superpower upon his death. As his former co-workers and enemies look on, it will fall to the few friends Mitch has left to save him from a fate worse than continually repeated deaths.

This is Javier Pina's first issue on this series and it's a shame that he won't get a chance to continue on with these characters. A former artist on Manhunter, Pina's style is a natural for the dark, twisted world of Resurrection Men. Hopefully he'll find a new regular job somewhere else at DC Comics.

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