Monday, August 20, 2012

Fallout: New Vegas War Journal - Chapter Six

Boone takes me to meet the other ex-NCR soldiers who settled down in Novac before we skip town to see if they know anything about the man in the checkered jacket who tried to kill me. Ranger Andy doesn't, but after I give him a pep talk about still being able to help people despite a crippled leg, he teaches me a secret Ranger fighting move that will render nearly any human being prone.

The other soldier, Manny, says he does know something about the Man in the checkered coat and that he'll be happy to tell me everything... if I help him out with a little problem. Seems there's a bunch of feral ghouls operating out of the old REPCONN base to the west. He says he'll be content with me getting rid of all of them one way or the other. With Boone in tow, I head west and fight my way through a lot of the ghouls. It's then that I notice some rather... odd bodies amongst all of the ghouls.

Me: You see that?
Boone: Ghoul in a robe? Yeah, that's kinda weird.
Me: No, not that. THAT! The big blue thing.

Boone: If I didn't know better I'd swear this was some sort of mutant mole man.
Me: We do know better though, don't we?
Boone: Oh yeah. You'd have to be crazy to believe in mutant mole men.
Me: Absolutely. And we're two of the only sane men in this crazy world.
Boone: Yep.

No sooner do we get inside the base, a voice kicks in on the intercom telling us to head to the big room on the east side of the building and head upstairs. We fight our way through more ghouls to get there, encountering more of the corpses of the strange blue-skinned giants and the ghouls in robes. A gruff voice curses at us, calling us "smoothskins" before a door opens up and lets us in.

Turns out that despite sounding like a ghoul, the guy talking to us is human. At least, he looks human. He insists that he is a ghoul and I'm in no mode to argue. We find more ghouls in robes and one semi-glowing ghoul named Jason Bright, who turns out to be the leader. He explains something of their dogma, how he plans to lead all the ghouls to some sort of promised land and explains that it is the invisible demons in the basement who released his feral brothers. He asks us for our help in defeating the "plague" of demons.

Needing little excuse to go killing weird things, Boone and I move into the basement. The battle which followed defied description. Suffice it to say the demons and mole men proved to be one and the same and Boone proved capable of keeping his head and kicking ass... even when he was set on fire by a flamethrower at close range!

We wound up killing the leader of the mole men... or as they call themselves, the Night Kin. Not too far beyond the room he was camped out in we found more dead Night Kin that we didn't kill... and a very pissed off looking ghoul named Harland. Harland wasn't much for Bright's dogma but he did realize a good deal when he saw it and playing bodyguard to a bunch of religious fanatics was a good way to keep himself in guns, ammo and hot ghoul babes who hadn't lost too much of their skin yet. He told us he'd head back as soon as we found his latest partner in crime, who he thought had been taken prisoner by the Night Kin.

His hunch proved right but she was past saving when we found her. Still, he did thank us for getting him out of the room he'd pinned himself down in and said he'd meet us back at Bright's quarters. Boone and I checked out the rest of the basement, finding what appeared to be a functioning rocket ship and an emergency exit back to the surface. I had a feeling we'd be needing both shortly.

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