Thursday, August 16, 2012

Demon Knights #12 - A Review

Despite the cover of this issue giving away the secret behind the Demon Knight's current antagonist, I'm going to keep things secret and spoiler free in this review. Is this my cunning way of trying to get you to read this book if you aren't already? Perhaps.

The plot thickens as the Demon Knights travel deeper into the corrupted heart of Avalon, heading toward a final confrontation with a long-time enemy of King Arthur who is also no stranger to Madam Xanadu. There's a lot of fine details here that expand upon some of the mysteries behind Paul Cornell's creations. The fact that The Horsewoman's powers connect into The Red (the same force that Animal Man draws off of) seems obvious in retrospect but the reveal does not leave the readers feeling cheated. Full marks to Cornell for keeping the mystery about these characters without stonewalling the story flow.

I'm going to miss Diogenese Neves' work on this title. Indeed, I am hard pressed to think of any artist working today who could have captured the medieval setting of this book so well. We'll see how Bernard Chang fills his shoes starting next month. I'm not worried, though, as Chang proved an able replacement for Neves earlier in this series' run.

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