Saturday, July 7, 2012

World's Finest #3 - A Review

It's becoming very difficult for me to review World's Finest. This is not, I should note, for any negative reason. Paul Levitz's scripts are as finely crafted as ever. The artwork of George Perez and Kevin Maguire is finely drawn as ever. But the leisurely pace of the opening storyline is making it rather difficult for me to find anything new to say about how wonderful it all is.

The plot from before continues, with Power Girl and Huntress fighting a radioactive villain, who has now been enlarged by the energy he absorbed and grown to Godilla-worthy proportions. Coincidentally, this is all happening with a stone's throw of Tokyo. Intriguingly, this villain seems to be a dimension hopper like our two heroines and may have come from Earth 2... or somewhere else!

As before, George Perez handles the superheroic action set in the present while Maguire draws the flashbacks detailing the women's lives shortly after coming to Earth. This is an unusual arrangement on a major comic but it is one that plays to both artists' strengths. Perez is one of the great modern masters of superheroic action working today. And, for what my money is worth, nobody can draw humorous, character-building scenes like Kevin Maguire. The only real negative is that - as a fan of Gail Simone's Birds of Prey - this newer, more prudish Huntress doesn't sit well with me. I understand they are different women and different characters. That doesn't stop me from missing the sassier Helena Bertinelli.

Bottom Line: This book is a must read for all fans of quality comics.

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