Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Night Comic Con News Round-Up - Part Three

* Geoff Johns promises a lot of surprises in Justice League #12, including Aquaman calling the team out for their unfriendly behavior toward one another. (DC NOW! Panel)

* Aquaman #0 will give us our first view of Atlantis in the new timeline. Also, the current Aquaman storyline, "The Others", will end in Issue #13. (DC NOW! Panel)

* The new Green Lantern depicted on the cover of Green Lantern #0 reportedly uses a gun because he doesn't trust the ring to not run out of energy. There may also be the matter of The Guardians working on a third army that lacks free will... (DC NOW! Panel)

* Raven is coming up in Teen Titans. Scott Lobdell would also like to bring Supegirl onto the team, but notes that it's unlikely that will happen. (DC NOW! Panel)

* No Wally West in The Flash anytime soon. There may, however, be a storyline where The Flash is forced to team up with The Rogues to fight Gorilla Grodd and an army of sentient gorillas. (DC NOW! Panel)

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