Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Night Comic Con News Round-Up - Part One

* Neil Gaiman will be writing a six-issue mini-series bringing Sandman into the modern DCU. (Vertigo Panel) * Neil Gaiman also signed off on Tim Hunter, from his Books of Magic series, becoming part of the cast of Justice League Dark. (Bleeding Cool) * Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE will be crossing over with Animal Man and Swamp Thing in the upcoming 'Rotworld' storyline. "Frank" also be joining the Justice League Dark cast for a while, as will Amethyst from the upcoming Sword and Sorcery fantasy anthology book. (DC Dark & Edge Panel) * All Star Western #13 will offer an origin story for Jonah Hex. It will also involve him shooting a lot of clowns. (DC Dark & Edge Panel) * There are plans to bring back Rene Montoya into the New 52 universe, but NOT as The Question. Apparently, we've already seen "him" somewhere in the New 52 already... (DC Dark & Edge Panel)

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