Sunday, July 15, 2012

SDCC: 'Arrow' Panel News!

My friends at Green Arrow TV on Twitter were on the floor for the Arrow panel at San Diego Comic Con. Through them, I got the following good news and a few spoilers for those who haven't read Green Arrow: Year One. For those who haven't, stop reading this and go read it.

* The panel started with a screening of the pilot. It was very well received, with people clapping and cheering even before the ending.

* The pilot is apparently based on Andy Diggle's Green Arrow: Year One even more closely than we realized from the previews (i.e. general look of Ollie on the island) and we will actually get to see the incidents that caused Ollie to become a hero.

* To that end, Kelly Hu will be playing the drug lord China White, whom Ollie defeated in his first case in Green Arrow: Year One.

* Apparently Mike Grell drew a police sketch (presumably of Ollie as Arrow) that is seen in the pilot.

* Regarding Dinah Lance eventually becoming Black Canary on the show and wearing the fishnets, Katie Cassidy said she would "if that's what the costume will be, and if it happens"

* Andrew Kreisberg then said that Dinah WILL become a woman of action. "Not as soon as you'd want, but sooner than you think."

* There's a good interview with Stephen Arnell here, where he talks about the challenges in playing Ollie Queen.

* Finally, for those of you Arrowheads out there, who were upset that everyone in San Diego was getting a preview comic based on the TV show, DC Comics has made the comic available as a free digital download. I'll be doing a review shortly.

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