Sunday, July 22, 2012

RETRO: Fallout 3 War Journal #6

I have amazingly little trouble getting to the police station the Super Mutants use as a base. Well, okay... there's something called the Robo-brain - a Robby the Robot body with a human brain in the top which screams "I was programmed to loooooove!" as it shoots lasers at me. Freaky, even by my standards. There's also the Centaur - some Lovecraftian abomination that does not resemble the beloved horse people of lore. I also manage to sneak attack a super mutant and read a disturbingly depressing computer journal belonging to an army nurse who tried to treat the survivors of the bombings that ended the world at a make-shift hospital/army base that was built around the police station. No other signs of mutants around the place, I find a staircase leading up to an inside door on the top floor.

I'm lucky enough to walk in on two of the mutants talking. They wind up discussing where both the hostages are and -thankfully - it looks like the people are only being eaten. How is that a good thing? Ask a Firefly fan about everything The Reavers do...

I sneak around the place, disarming land mine traps and shooting roaches. I wind up with a small pile of hunting rifles by the time I'm done with the mutants and done saving the two townsfolk that are left. I escort them back to Bigtown and am told that - well, the townsfolk want me to help figure out a way for them to be safe-ish forever. A few things come to mind but I opt to teach them the ways of small guns. More effective than trying to teach them how to sneak around, I figure.

Bad news - the shooting training winds up burning up all of my rifle ammo. Good news - I don't need it. The newbies manage to down all the mutants swarming the town without my help. I'm thanked profusely for teaching them how to defend themselves, promised cheap medical care any time I need it (the woman I saved is the town doctor) and generally made up to be a big damn hero.

NEXT TIME: I go to a place called Minetown to look for land mines, all in the name of science! Science and a book deal, but science none the less!

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