Thursday, July 19, 2012

RETRO: Fallout 3 War Journal #3

Last time - I became the sheriff of a small post-apocalyptic, by dent of being there by when the last sheriff got shot (kinda my fault) and taking his stuff, including his cool jacket and hat. As I'm cleaning up the bar (i.e. looting corpses) I meet a young lady named Lucy from out of town who looks and sounds a lot like Hayden Pantierre. Seems she wants a letter sent home. Faster than you can say The Postman, I'm agreeing to deliver it. What the heck. Sheriff and Postmaster General of Megaton has a nice ring to it.

Later, I run into the old sheriff's son, who tells me he gave him some things to give me if/when I finally disarmed the big atomic bomb in the center of town. He is the only one to acknowledge my new station - saying that while I may have his father's badge, I'm not his father. Yeah. I'll bet HE wasn't your real father either, kid. I heard things about your mother that would make Mona the actual town whore blush.

Going back to the last lead I had on that - see the guy who runs the one diner in town if you don't know how to disarm a bomb (I don't) - I go and start pressuring said diner owner about his drug problem.

Skilled in the speechifying as I am, I stage an impromptu intervention, get him to realize the error of his ways, realizing that he was hurting his family as well as himself and talk him into revealing the location of his stash to me. Hello Karma-boost. Hello a small cache of cash and various sundries. Hello Intelligence-Enhancing Superdrugs!

Yes, I know. Talking a junkie into reforming only to start using the drugs I just condemned as self-destructive. Dirty pool. But I am the law in this town... and I just disarmed the bomb and (with my super brain) fixed three leaky pipes the town's plumber refused to work with because he was "busy repairing the water purification system. Still, he's now willing to buy any scrap metal I bring him... which is a fair bit of the junk I am carrying right now.

I see the kid and he gives me my reward - deed of ownership to a house in town and the right to call myself a citizen of Megaton. I'm calling myself a bit more than that, too... but that's neither here nor there.

So yay... I now have a house, which the crazy chick running the one store can help me decorate. I can't afford anything yet, except maybe a jukebox, so I decide to hold off and stock up on Stims at the Doctor's office. I do check out my house and drop off some of my excess clothes (never know - I might need the jumpsuit that increases my Science skill someday) and find out that not only do I have a house - I have a robot butler named Wadsworth who sounds vaguely like Tim Curry!

I head northwest from Megaton, heading back the way I went originally. I get back to the Super Mutant bunker without incident, sneaky as I am. It's nearly dark when I get there and that is when I notice the fire to the south.

Silly me - somehow, I missed this settlement before. Even sillier, it's called Big Town even though the town is - at present - five people. Between the Super Mutants dragging people off alive for god-knows what reasons and the gangs of slavers dragging other people off for... well, we KNOW what reasons, the town is in pretty bad shape. People are desperate. The town cynic has depressed everyone except the town bimbo. Looks like they're in need of a hero too.

Well... who says I can't Sheriff a principality rather than a city?

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