Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RETRO: Fallout 3 War Journal #2

I set off for Megaton again, this time sticking to the main roads as much as possible, carefully sneaking along. Soon I was detected, but that's okay. Detected just means you've been seen. Doesn't mean you're going to be attacked until it says Danger. Sure enough, I've been spotted by a caravan merchant parked outside the city gates. He claims to be a weapons dealer but most of what I have to sell is better than his gear and he doesn't have any ammo for my 10mm. Still, I unload most of my gear on him, pick up some ammo for my back-up gun and get some much needed medical supplies before heading into town.

The sheriff greets me just as I come in the gates. My polite manners impress him and I soon find myself agreeing to try and help him out with the big unexploded atomic bomb sitting in the middle of the city, despite a complete lack of qualifications. Ah well... I'm sure I can find someone else to do it for me.

First stop after getting some directions - the general store. The shop keeper is a perky redhead named Moira who hires me on to help her with writing a Wasteland Survival Guide. I agree to this, figuring that if I'm going to be wandering the desert anyway, I might as well get a paycheck for it. Besides, she gavesme an armored suit for free and has ammo for my preferred gun. So what if she is clearly uninformed as to what is running around the desert flats.

Next stop - the inn. Immediately upon entering I am harassed by a drunken uber-patriot named Nathan who questions my patriotism. Me being me, I point out that the if the people who founded America didn't want people to question their leaders, they wouldn't have basically written into the Constitution "here's some guns. Kill us if we fuck up." (actual game quote, incidentally). He responds - in typical neo-con fashion - by accusing me of confusing him with my fancy education.

Ah... humanity. Even atomic war can't change you.

Hanging around the bar, I'm quickly approached by a hipster in a suit and fedora. He makes me an offer to blow up the atomic bomb as part of an "urban improvement" deal. I bump him up on the price (thank you, Speechify skill) and promptly turn around to go talk to the sheriff about this. Naturally he's concerned and leads the way back to the inn to confront the hipster.

Well, to make a long story short, the hipster is arrested, the sheriff turns his back to start escorting said hipster to jail and a gun is drawn. The sheriff is dead in seconds and the fedora-wearing hipster proves amazingly resistant to point-blank shots to the head. Still, eventually there are two men dead in the inn and nobody seems the least bit disturbed about this. Killing the hipster gives me Karma and stripping his body bare in the inn doesn't seem to bother anyone. Nor does the sheriff's death seem to bother anyone. Here he is, just lying here... leather duster on his back and cowboy hat on his head....

Hmmm... I just got an idea.

Tomorrow: There's a new sheriff in Megaton... and his name is Matt.

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